Resolve Your School Functionality Problems Effectively with Online Examination System

These days most of the schools are opting for conducting online exams as it is next to impossible in carrying out their daily activities in a proper manner. The online examinations help both staff and students in staying safe from getting infected with Coronavirus. 

Online Tests 

It is considered as one of the best ways as you just have to make a few clicks and send an online test to as many students as you require. The filled test can be easily taken from the same platform without moving out of your home. 

Use Webcam Proctoring for Conducting Cheat Proof Examination

Webcam proctoring can easily help you in knowing whether a candidate is not using any unfair means to pass the exam. You can also make sure that the same student is giving the test. Our platform also facilitates you to play the recordings at any time as per your needs and convenience. 

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