How Assessment Tool Can Contribute In Selecting Right Candidate During COVID Lockdown?

In the present scenario of COVID lockdown, recruiters are using assessment tools for selecting the right candidate as it provides numerous benefits such as getting accurate results, etc. So, in this blog, you will get insight into its various advantages which can help you in achieving organizational goals effectively.

Here are the benefits of using an assessment tool for the purpose of recruitment 

  • Provide Online Assessments

While recruiting candidates, you might come across a situation where the applicants put exaggerated information in their resumes which is realized at the last stage of the hiring process i.e. online interview. Such situations can be easily avoided by sending online assessments through a few clicks. 

  • Offer Instant Result

When the results get delayed the creamy layer candidate loses his/her interest in the company and he/she leaves the hiring process or even leaves the organization a few days after joining in case he/she gets another offer from another organization. By getting instant results you can hold the interest of the creamy layer candidates in a hassle-free manner. 

  • Grant Webcam Proctoring 

Keeping an eye on the candidates while conducting exams in a situation of lock down is not possible as the recruiter can't watch the candidate while giving exam for preventing cheating. Moreover, asking each question on phone from every candidate also becomes very expensive. To resolve this problem, you must avail webcam proctoring as it captures the whole activity of the applicant throughout the examination. 

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You can easily take advantage of the white-labeled assessment tool with Mytat; the assessment portal can also be modified as per your need. It is convenient to operate as you don’t require any expertise to handle it for carrying out the daily operations.

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