Online Test - A Need of Today & Tomorrow !!!

Every day you must be thinking about how to carry out the daily activity of your school, college, and institute so that you can easily avoid Corona to affect both employees and students. To solve this problem, we have come up with an idea of conducting online examinations in a cost-effective manner. The online examination system is not only beneficial for a longer period but also improves the quality of exams in an efficient way. 

Conduct Online Test Easily

Opting for online exams is a great idea as the students as well as teachers need not to move out of their homes. The test can be easily sent on the login id of the students just by making a few clicks and getting the filled test on the same platform. Moreover, the checking is computer-based so you can easily get an error-free checking without hiring teachers for this particular work.

Eliminate Cheating Completely

With the help of webcam proctoring, you will be able to watch whether a student is not using unfair means for completing the test on time. In case, if he/she tries to use any unfair means you will be able to know through recordings. These recordings can be played anytime. 

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