Online Exams - A Smart Way of Handling Things in COVID Scenario !!!

In today’s scenario, most of the schools, colleges, and institutions are looking for several other options for conducting examinations. If you are also one of them then your search ends up here as we help you in conducting an online exam in an effective and efficient manner. 

Online Examination System 

With the help of an online exam, you can send online tests to as many students as you require and get the filled test through the same platform. The checking will be totally computerized which means it will be an error-free checking in a speedy way.

Use Webcam Proctoring for Preventing Cheating

The major concern of eradicating cheating can also be easily solved by our platform as we provide webcam proctoring. With the help of this proctoring, you will be able to keep an eye on the student throughout the whole online test.

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