Improve Your School Functioning with Subjective Online Test During COVID Scenario

In today’s scenario, there are so many economic as well as functional problems in schools regarding examinations. By providing MCQs through an online test, they are able to manage a few things but the situation remains the same. 

Major Problems Faced By Schools

However, due to various online examination platforms in the market schools have managed to take online exams by sending MCQs but there is no solution of conducting subjective exams which is essential for evaluating a candidate’s understanding of the subject. Moreover, it is impossible to include diagram related questions in MCQs. 

Mytat Provides a Reliable Solution

  • We provide a handy platform for conducting subjective exams where you can easily create questions.
  • Students can easily write the answers on paper which can also include diagrams and upload it by clicking a photograph.
  • The evaluation of these online tests can be done by teachers in a hassle-free manner.
  • You can watch the whole activity of a student through webcam proctoring and view the recordings as per your requirement and convenience. 
  • It will also become easier for you to provide a detailed report to parents.

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