Be Smart While Choosing Mode of Examination During COVID Scenario

Nowadays people are facing a lot of problems as they are not able to carry out their routine work. School, college, and institutions are not opening due to Coronavirus so we have come up with a solution i.e. an online examination system that provides all the facilities of conducting exams without moving out of the home. 

Choose Online Test

Make the best use of the internet platform during and after the COVID scenario by conducting online exams as it saves both time and money. You simply have to make a few clicks and send the online test at the student login id and you will get the filled test on the same platform.

Use Webcam Proctoring for Preventing Cheating

The webcam proctoring will allow you to check whether parents are helping the student in giving the test or not as it captures the whole activity of the student throughout the whole online exam. It will be easier for you to watch these recordings at any time you require. 

Mytat Conducts Online Examination Inexpensively!!! 

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