Adopt Online Examination System to Resolve Examination Problem During COVID Scenario

An online examination can prove to be beneficial in all aspects as it provides the entire examination facilities in an inexpensive manner. It will not only be helpful in the COVID scenario but you can also use it further and make your examination process simple and cost-effective. 

Send Online Test

It is easier for you to send as many tests as you require to the students at their login id with just a few clicks. You can easily get the filled test through the same platform. This will help you in saving time and money spent on purchasing exam stationery, hiring invigilators, etc. 

Prevent Cheating Through Webcam Proctoring

The major problem that occurs while conducting an exam is to prevent cheating during the exam and it is a major concern especially when you are conducting an online test. This problem is easily resolved by the help of webcam proctoring as it lets you watch the whole activity of the student while giving an online exam. You can play all the recordings at any time you require. 

Mytat Offers Cost-effective Online Examination System

Mytat will help you in conducting an inexpensive online exam, you just have to scrutinize the Google search engine and contact us at in order to get a great deal at an affordable price.


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