Online Examination - An Ultimate Solution During COVID Lockdown


These days people have no other option apart from opting for an online platform for carrying out daily operations so in the education sector. By keeping this thing in mind, we have come up with an idea of providing online examination software so that institutions need not to suffer during the Lockdown period. 

It will not only help them in reducing their burden when the lockdown gets over but also offer them the option of conducting cost-effective examinations. 

You can easily take advantage of the following things: 
  • Online Test 

With Mytat online examination software, you will not only adhere to COVID lockdown laws but also take the online tests so that when lockdown will get over you can put the whole focus on completing the syllabus.
  • Prevent Cheating Through Webcam Proctoring

To know whether the same student is giving a test or not, you can use webcam proctoring which allows you to see the whole activity of the student throughout the whole examination. Moreover, you can ensure that no one is supporting the student in completing the test through unfair means. 

Get it through Mytat!

If you want to get the above benefits then don’t think twice before scrutinizing the internet facility and contacting us through in order to get an affordable deal.


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