Why You Should Use White-Labeled Online Examination Software?

Conducting online examinations is a vital aspect as it provides numerous advantages to educational institutions. This blog consists of its various advantages and from where you can get a great deal.

Here are the beneficial aspects of using white-labeled online examination software:
  • Enhance Your Goodwill

Generally, providing results takes a lot of time and there are chances of committing errors due to the system of manual checking. By conducting an online examination you will not only be able to grant instant and accurate results but also gain goodwill in the market.
  • Brings Efficiency 

While conducting examinations it is next to impossible to eradicate cheating as one can’t keep an eye on each and every student at all the times which has now become possible by adopting webcam proctoring. In webcam proctoring the students will give the whole exam under webcam surveillance so, you can easily check his/her entire activity during the whole examination. 
  • Cost-Effective 

Conducting examinations often becomes expensive as the educational institution has to bear the cost of question papers, answer sheets, hiring invigilators and much more. It can be minimized with the help of Mytat white-labeled online examination software as you just have to send the questions at the students’ login id and they can give the test from wherever they are comfortable. 

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