Tactics for Hiring Creamy Layer Candidate During COVID Lockdown

It is widely accepted that hiring a creamy layer candidate is one of the biggest challenges for every organization especially in COVID lockdown; it can be easily resolved with the help of the tactics which are mentioned in this blog.

So, let us take a look at the two underneath tactics through which you can hire a creamy layer candidate

Pre-Screened Candidates - A Best Option!

Frequently recruiters come across a situation where he/she finds that the candidate has put exaggerated information in their resumes which can be easily eliminated completely by opting pre-screened candidates. These pre-screened candidates are tested on the basis of applicants’ personality, aptitude & domain skills. All these things can be easily done without moving out of your home. 

White-Labeling Assessment Tool - A Smart Way of Hiring Candidates!

With Mytat, you can easily get a white-labeled assessment tool which means you will be the whole and sole proprietor of the assessment tool with your own brand name and send tests to as many as candidates you require. This assessment platform can also be modified as per your needs. Moreover, there is no need to hire any expert to operate it for daily operations as it can be handled by anyone. 

Get a Great Deal Through Mytat!

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