Reasons Behind a Wrong Selection of Candidates & Tips to Eliminate Them

Hiring a right candidate is the most vital task for every Recruitment Firm or Staffing Company. By keeping this thing in mind, this blog is created which will make you aware of those reasons which lead in the wrong selection and it will also suggest you the best ways to eradicate these reasons that let you make inaccurate decisions while hiring applicants.

Firstly, let us know the various reasons that act as a hindrance in selecting the right applicants.

Reasons Behind a Wrong Selection

In order to prevent applicant’s wrong selection, you must read the causes behind the wrong decisions which are mentioned below: 
  • Recruiters trust the exaggerated information provided by the candidate

There are numerous applicants who put exaggerated information about their skills and experience on their resume. It is realized after the joining of the candidate when he/she is not able to perform well in the given task. 
  • Lengthy hiring process

Generally, the hiring process of the organizations becomes very lengthy due to which a skilled or creamy layer applicant loses his/her interest in the job opening. It can also give a negative impression of the company in the market. 
  • Applicants don’t get the exact brief about a job opening

In the initial stage of recruitment, the number of applicants is maximum and that is why recruiters don’t get the time to brief all the candidates about the job opening. Due to this applicants often leave the organization a few days after the joining date.

After knowing about the grounds of wrong decisions that are overlooked by most of the recruiters now let us look at various ways through which these grounds can be removed completely.

Tips to Eliminate the Reasons for Wrong Selection

Here are a few methods through which you can easily eradicate those reasons which can become a hindrance in recruiting the right candidate: 
  • Use Online Assessments

With Mytat, you can easily take multiple online assessments from multiple candidates just by one click and know the immediate results of the test given by the job seekers. These assessments are based on the applicant’s personality, aptitude and domain skills. 
  • Opt Webcam Proctoring

While taking the online assessments it is advisable that you must opt for webcam proctoring in order to check whether a candidate is involved in unfair means or not.
  • Make your hiring process short 

The best way to cut-short the hiring process is to get pre-screened candidates or use a white-labeled assessment platform. If you choose to get pre-screened candidates then you don’t have to carry out the first stage as the whole screening is done by the proficient personnel within a short span of time. In case, you choose to use Mytat’s white-labeled assessment platform then you can do the whole pre-screening at your own by using our assessment portal. These assessment portals can be modified according to your requirement and you can also use it on your own name. 

Lastly, let us know about a few things which you need to keep in mind while recruiting a candidate.


  • Avoid Manual Checking: It takes a lot of time in checking each and every copy especially when you are opting for manual checking. Moreover, the chances of ignoring errors become more. 
  • Never Trust Resume: There are so many situations where you come across candidates who put exaggerated information about skills and experience which is realized after hiring him/her.


  • Know the Candidate’s Interest: It is significant to confirm that whether a candidate possesses an interest in your job opening or not so that he/she doesn’t leave the job or accept the substitute immediately after joining the job. 
  • Take Assessments: In order to know the capabilities of candidates, it is mandatory to take various assessments even at the initial stage.

Summing Up!!!

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