Strategies for Making Your Recruitment Process Easier and Quicker in Lockdown Scenario

During the recruitment process, an individual implements a lot of planning to make it simple and effective. It is the best way to keep on searching for new strategies so that you can always achieve better results.

This blog will suggest you two different strategies to make your hiring process easier, quicker and efficient in the situations of lockdown because of Coronavirus. These strategies are listed below: 
  • Pre-Screened Candidates 

It is a great idea to opt for pre-screened candidates as you don’t need to call each and every job-applicant to come to the office premises and give the test rather you can directly contact those candidates who have cleared the first round of hiring process by giving an online assessment. This pre-screening is based on testing applicants’ personality, aptitude & domain skills. 

  • White-Labeled Assessment Portals

The option of having a white-labeled assessment portal (you can use Mytat Assessment Tool on your own brand name) is beneficial for your company as it allows you to reach as many candidates as you want by sending them online assessments. This portal can be modified according to your requirements. It can be easily operated by anyone as it doesn’t require any expertise to carry out daily operations. 

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