Put a Full Stop on Cheating During Examination!!!

Eliminating cheating from examinations is a big task for all Schools, Colleges, and Other Educational Institutions; it is not possible to keep an eye on each and every student by hiring invigilators. And if you hire invigilators in large numbers then it becomes expensive to conduct the examination.

Get Webcam Proctoring 

A Best way to put a full stop on cheating during examination is to opt for online examinations as it facilitates webcam proctoring which means a student will give an exam through his/her laptop under the surveillance of webcam. You can easily check whether the same person is giving the test or not. The webcam will capture the whole activity of the disciples during the whole examination. Hence, you will get to know in case any of the students open the book. 

Use Mytat Online Examination Software On Your Own Brand Name

We, at Mytat, offer white-labeled online examination software this means that you can use our software on your own brand name which can be modified as per your requirements. Our software is handy which is why you don’t need any expert hand to operate.

Moreover, it is more cost-effective than traditional exams as you can easily eliminate the cost of question papers and answer sheets, hiring exam centers and invigilators, maintenance of examination center, and much more. Thus, you can easily enjoy quality work!

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