May I Help You In Recruiting Right Candidate?

Recruiting is a very tedious and lengthy process for every organization; it involves various complexities. At Mytat, you can easily resolve these complexities and make your hiring process simple and short. Keeping all the possible challenges in mind, we have made the following long-lasting solutions to get rid of them easily: 

Get Pre-Screened Candidates

It is very tough to know the candidate’s capability just by looking at the resume. So, we bring a facility of providing pre-screened candidates in which we test applicants on Domain & Technical Knowledge, Behavioral Competencies and Aptitude. It is an initial stage screening where we also make sure that the candidate is interested in the job opening so that he/she is not leaving in the middle of the hiring process. 

The screening is done through conducting an online test which can be given as per the convenience of the candidate. You can use the webcam proctoring to prevent cheating or even to make sure that the same person is giving the test who has applied for the job. 

Use Assessment Portals

If you wish to carry out the whole screening process by yourself then purchasing an assessment platform is the best option for you. With Mytat’s assessment portal you can easily conduct online assessments and get instant results. Webcam proctoring is also available in every Mytat’s assessment platform.

White-labeled portals are also available with our organization that means you can publicize our product by using your own brand name. Moreover, you don’t need any expert hand in handling our assessment portals as they are handy. 

Wrapping Up!

Hence, we can help you in relieving the burden and challenges faced in recruiting the right candidate in a hassle-free manner. So, don’t think twice before scrutinizing the Google search engine and visiting our official website to get a great deal at an affordable price!!!