How Assessment Tool Assists in Hiring Creamy Layer Candidate in COVID Lockdown?

In the Scenario of COVID lockdown, Recruitment Firms or Staffing Companies are moving towards new technical methods for screening candidates. One of them is owning the whole assessment tool on their own brand name; it is considered as a profitable way of carrying out the business operations in today's difficult circumstances.

The assessment tool has always proved to be useful in all aspects right from taking tests to providing results. You can also get the following results by opting assessment tools in your pre-screening process:
  • Quality Candidates

The assessments which are taken from the candidates are based on Domain & Technical Knowledge, Behavioral Competencies and Aptitude which ensures that you are shortlisting only quality candidates. 
  • Ease in Taking Test

Mytat assessment tools help in taking online test easily as one just have to do simple clicks and the test will reach as many as candidates you want within a short span of time. 
  • Quick Results

With the help of online assessment, you can easily get instant results; it allows you to make quick decisions regarding shortlisting candidates for a further round of interviews.
  • Easy Webcam Proctoring

In order to prevent cheating, there is a facility of webcam proctoring in Mytat’s assessment tool. If you opt for webcam proctoring the test will begin only when the webcam is on; it will allow you to confirm that another person is not giving the test on behalf of the candidate who has applied for the post. 

Wrapping Up!

Hence, if you are planning to get an assessment tool from then you are making the right decision as the assessment portal offer by Mytat provides all the benefits in a cost-effective manner.


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