Online Examinations - A Basic Need of Tomorrow !!!

In today’s technology-oriented world, the whole education sector has progressed a lot and adopted various technologies. It has introduced the concept of online examination which has brought convenience in conducting fair exams in a cost-effective manner.

Let us know more about online examinations by looking at its various beneficial aspects

Benefits of Online Examinations

Conducting an exam is a very crucial aspect that needs to be done efficiently as it gives a good impression to the candidate about the institute as well as creates a good image in the market. That is why it is advisable that one should opt for online examinations. You can take numerous advantages of conducting online examinations, few of them are mentioned below:
  • Instant and Accurate Results 

The main advantage of the online exam is that an individual doesn’t have to wait for a longer period in order to get the result of the test. He/she can see the scores in a short span of time. As no man is involved in the checking, one can be easily assured about the accuracy of the results.

‘A study reveals that the results carried out through online examinations are more accurate than paper-based tests’ 
  • Eliminates Cheating

There are also the possibilities of leaking of question papers before the date of examinations at the time of passing in different centers. there is no need to worry about question paper leaking as the questions are accessible only through the login id of the applicant. Moreover, the system can easily shuffle the questions for every candidate in a proper way. Hence, the risk of cheating gets minimal. 
  • Open for White Labeling 

Another advantage of conducting online examination is that you can white label the online examination software. You can easily put logos with the color theme of your organization by using MYTAT’s online assessment platform in the back. By publicizing our product on your name you can build a good image of your company in a hassle-free manner. 
  • Affordable 

Every institution spends a lot of money on preventing cheating while conducting examinations such as hiring staff for invigilating, fixing CCTV cameras in the classrooms, and many more. On the other hand, online exams are cost-effective as the candidate gives the test under webcam proctoring. Thus, you don’t need to spend extra money on hiring extra invigilators and CCTV cameras. 
  • Easily Accessible

Gone are those days when the candidate has to move out of his/her region and travel a long way to give a test. Now he/she just needs a personal computer and an internet connection. You can simply send a test through a few clicks to the maximum number of candidates through personal mails and the applicant can give the test from anywhere. 
  • Flexible 

The online examinations can be modified according to the need for examiners. It can set multiple exams of different subjects in multiple languages without any extra cost. It provides time flexibility which means a candidate can give tests according to their flexibility. 

Wrapping Up!

Therefore, most of the institutions are opting online examination system by leaving all the drawbacks of the paper-based test behind and those who have already adopted this system of conducting exams are not willing to change. So, don’t think twice before scrutinizing the internet facility and visiting for getting online examination software as we offer it at an affordable price!


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